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We’re backing the Society of Garden Designers’ Campaign Against Artificial Grass

We’re backing the Society of Garden Designers’ Campaign Against Artificial Grass

Here at Atlantes Landscapes, we’re passionate about the power of nature and the way we can use our gardens and outdoor spaces to make a positive contribution to our local environment.

We’ve been concerned for a while about the growing popularity of artificial grass for a number of reasons. While we understand that it might be convenient and requires little maintenance for homeowners, we believe that not only are you losing the many benefits you get from natural grass, but that it can cause serious long-term harm to our environment.

We’re particularly pleased, then, that the Society of Garden Designers – of which we are a proud member – has launched a campaign in association with the Royal Horticultural Society and Landscape Institute to encourage homeowners to ditch the plastic and return to real, living grass lawns.

Why are Artificial Lawns so Bad for the Environment?

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There are a number of things that make artificial grass an all-round bad choice, not least what they’re made of. Manufacturers may come up with lots of great-sounding names for their products, but the simple truth is that most are made of non-biodegradable plastic – and we all know what long-term damage that can cause.

But the harm caused by synthetic lawns isn’t just about introducing more plastic into the world – after all, imagine the fuss if someone was encouraging you to place hundreds of plastic bags in your garden. Plastic lawns don’t last forever, and while they are out in your garden in all weathers, they are causing pollution, including leaking poisonous microfibres into your soil.

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They also prevent the insects, birds and other wildlife, including microorganisms that are vital for the wellbeing of our soil, from thriving – meaning they represent a genuine threat to the food chain and biodiversity that are essential for life on earth to flourish.

Meanwhile, plastic grass also retains heat to a much greater degree than natural grass, which means that they are also contributing to climate change.

Mark Gush, Head of Environmental Horticulture at the RHS, said: “Plastic grass creates a sterile, lifeless area in the garden which has been shown to harm earthworms, exacerbate flooding risk, contribute to the heat island effect, and shed tiny plastic pieces, known as microfibres, which are harmful to the health of animals and people. By adopting a planet friendly gardening approach to design, we can help to mitigate the impact of climate change and promote biodiversity.”

What Are The Alternatives?

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We will always support using natural grass for your lawn, because it’s sustainable, environmentally-friendly and supports all the wildlife we want and need in our gardens.

However, as we said earlier, we understand that many people like the benefits of a lawn that requires less care and maintenance than grass – but that doesn’t mean you have no choice other than plastic. Tapestry, chamomile and clover lawns all represent attractive, low-maintenance options, requiring little or no mowing while also attracting those essential bugs and pollinators.

You can discover more about why we should all be choosing natural grass instead of plastic alternatives by downloading this helpful leaflet produced by the Society of Garden Designers.

Here at Atlantes Landscapes, we offer customers a great range of garden design and landscaping solutions that won’t just create a beautiful and practical outdoor area at your home in the Exeter, Newton Abbot and Tiverton areas of Devon. You can also count on us to deliver environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and services.

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